Our Orchard

The Orchard

We’re making applesauce! Coming from the Midwest, I had never experienced apple picking . I loved taking our children to local orchards so they could experience handpicking  fresh apples. When we bought the farm in 1997, I asked Tyler if we could have our special PYO apple orchard.  He said of course, and we planted our first apple trees in 2003. Three years later, we had a bountiful apple crop, but waited until 2007 to open up as a pick your own orchard. As the orchard matured and we had many bountiful crops with so many apples left on the trees year after year, Tyler and I decided we wanted to create a unique line of farm fresh apple sauces.

Last year, our very talented French Foodie, Olivia Anderson came up with three sweet apple sauces: Natural, Spiced, and Lemongrass. All three have passed the University of Maine’s Test standards and we are very excited to go into full production this fall. We have all three available at the farm stand for you to taste test and purchase.

The Farm Stand

Current News:
Our farm stand has officially opened as of May 5th.  Our hours will be Thursday thru Monday throughout the season.  As a grower and retail specialist, I am focused on spring, summer, fall and holiday container arrangements for all of your outdoor décor.   Being this spring has been extremely wet, we have not been able to get into the fields to plant potatoes until today, May 10th.  Cold crops such as kale, beets, spinach, sugar snaps and even sweet corn is in, but waiting for Mother Nature to shine bright to make crops grow to have available at the farm stand this summer.

More exciting news for you to chew: While growing up on our family  farm, our two daughters  Hattie and Sarah have always been involved with planting, picking and arranging flowers for the farm stand. They too must have a bit of LC of dirt in their blood as they decided to  start a floral business called  Young Designs. You can check out their instagram and facebook page to be in awe of their creative floral arrangements for all occasions. They were currently displaying their talent and creative  floral center piece at the MFA in Boston and were featured in Southern New England Wedding Magazine this past January. Young Family Farm will be collaborating with them growing lovely flowers and they will be focusing on providing excellent service and  unique floral arrangements for weddings and events.

For now,


May Thurs-Sunday 9-5 pm
June-Aug Thurs-Monday 9-6 pm
Sept-Nov Thurs-Sunday 10-5 pm
Dec-April CLOSED See you in the Spring!

Farmer Tyler’s Tips

“Caring for annuals properly will deliver blooms throughout the summer. Once you plant, fertilize and keep them well hydrated.”

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