Mother Nature Blesses Us With Rain

Mother Nature Blesses Us With Rain

wholesale006From dusk until dawn Tyler and his crew were working hard to get his peppers in the ground before the rain.There was no option other than to get planting. One evening last week we were sitting around the dinner table and in comes Dad, covered in dirt from head to toe. The only skin that could be seen was beneath his hat, where his forehead was white as a ghost.  Tyler, “regardless of the dry soil we need to get these peppers in the ground before the rain comes. Who knows when the next rainfall will be given the start to the growing year.” Tyler and his farmhand worked hard to get 100,000 pepper plants in the ground before the rainfall.

Following the rainfall this past week Tyler felt a weight lifted off his shoulders, “these are the moments that make farming worth it, moments when mother nature blesses your hard work. A rainfall when desperately needed makes it feel like Mother Nature has taken your side, even if it is just for a brief shower.”

The hard work on the farm doesn’t end with one rainfall.  Tyler and his farmhand planted another 20,000 pepper plants into the nicely moistened dirt. The hard work doesn’t end here either, there is still 300 acres of farmland to be tended to…

Let’s hope Mother Nature continues to bless the hard work of Tyler and his fellow farmers.

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