7 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Rhode Island Destination Farm

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Rhode Island Destination Farm

destination-farmWhat is a destination farm? Agritourism, as it is called in the travel industry, is now being called one of the fastest growing segments of tourism in America. Families from all over the U.S. in big cities and even suburbs, are flocking to rural areas to enjoy fresh local fruits and vegetables, annual farm festivals and to share the excitement and education of the American farm life with their friends and families. Many farms and ranches are now opening up their doors to provide tourists with a destination experience, giving hands-on opportunities for people to get closer to the food source, sharing insight and appreciation for the people and the land that grows their food.

So what is it that makes visiting a Rhode Island destination farm high on the list for tourists who visit the New England area? This article will focus on the top seven reasons why you should consider adding a visit to an apple festival in Rhode Island this fall, or a trip to a Little Compton farm stand for summer fresh berries the next time you head to the northeastern states. The bounty of produce available in this region and the opportunity to actively participate and interact with this important industry are bringing visitors to vacation destination farms in RI in droves!

Reason #1 – Fresh Local Fruits and Vegetables

When you visit a fresh farm stand on your travels through New England, you gain the opportunity to enjoy some of the freshest, tastiest, healthiest foods available. Strawberries, peaches, apples and a wide variety of freshly harvested vegetables are really the number one reason why people come out to the farmland areas of Rhode Island. Excellent for canning or just the opportunity to experience farm fresh food straight off the farm, once you taste the food that comes from a Little Compton farm stand at Young Family Farm, you will quickly understand why people are coming from miles and miles away, just to visit a Rhode Island destination farm.

Reason #2 – The Educational Experience

Adults and children alike can learn a lot by visiting a vacation destination farm in RI. Many of these family owned and operated farms offer unique opportunities for people to learn more about the food that grows here and what it takes to grow literally tons and tons of food each year. Pick-Your-Own opportunities at the annual Apple Festival in Rhode Island at Young Family Farm helps visitors to get hands on with their food, see how it is grown and appreciate the value of each piece of fruit that they eat. In a world that has become out of touch with “where food comes from,” this is a very important learning experience for many people.

Reason #3 – Unique Entertainment Opportunities

In addition to enjoying fresh local fruits and vegetables or learning about where your food comes from, many people enjoy making their way to a Rhode Island destination farm for the entertainment value. It is a lot of fun visiting local farms and browsing the roadside stands. Many of the annual festivals and harvests also boast a lot of great local talent and entertainment in the form of musical performances, local artists, plus a lot of family fun in the way of hayrides, pumpkin picking, face painting and more.

Reason #4 – Enjoying the Fresh Air

This is especially true for people who come from big cities, but also from folks that drive into the New England area from smaller suburban towns. Too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and forget to stop and enjoy our surroundings. Getting away to a beautiful vacation destination farm in RI can help get you away from all that – out of the office, out of your busy schedule and out into the great outdoors! The local scenery in Rhode Island is absolutely breath-taking and is a beauty to behold.

Reason #5 – Shopping and Dining Experiences

Some people come to Rhode Island just for the opportunity to shop all of the beautiful fresh local fruits and vegetables, flowers and farm products. The Young Family Farm’s Little Compton farm stand has a lot more than just local produce. Browse the beautiful flowers that grow at the Farmerette Florist and enjoy homemade seasonal products that you just won’t be able to find at home. In addition to shopping, farm-to-table dining experiences are also a favorite attraction of the Rhode Island destination farm. Special events are often held that include one-of-a-kind farm fresh dining experiences.

Reason #6 – Unique Party Ideas

Many families are choosing to host special events at destination farms. Weddings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries and other milestone, landmark events can be celebrated at Young Family Farm, offering the person or persons of honor and all of their guests a very unique opportunity. Farms, with all of their seasonal beauty and bounty, can make an amazing backdrop for photos and good times with family and friends.

Reason #7 – Seasonal Celebrations

What better way to get out and enjoy the goodness of spring, summer and fall than to visit a vacation destination farm in RI. While checking out and shopping at the Little Compton farm stand might be enough for some folks, taking advantage of the opportunity to load up on fresh local fruits and vegetables, others might want to get even more into the season by celebrating with the annual Apple Festival in Rhode Island, some pumpkin picking in late October or even a chance to get the first harvest of juicy berries in early summer. Whatever your passion, whichever season you want to celebrate most, the opportunities available at a Rhode Island destination farm will help you to make the most out of your trip.

Come to Rhode Island and Visit Young Family Farm

If you are looking for the perfect place to visit when you come to New England, make sure to stop by the Young Family Farm. From planting to picking, we are in full operation from March through November. We open the doors to our retail stand in May and keep them open through Thanksgiving to provide our customers with the freshest produce and products to share and enjoy with their families. During the retail season, our “locavore” customers enjoy our farm fresh annuals, perennials, fruits, vegetables and various events, including our annual Apple Festival and Pick-Your-Own opportunities.

From our family to yours, we hope to see you soon at Young Family Farm!

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